Sunday, November 22, 2015

RESTful API Design - Webinar - by APIGee

A fantastic webinar by #APIGee on making Pragmatic #REST #API design. It contains: 
- things to include, 
- things to avoid, 
- things to watch out for. 

The full webinar is on #youtube at . 

But if you want to only skim through the contents, I have prepared a 58 slide photo album on #GooglePhotos. You can visit and share .

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Google Maps... why you on drugs?

So google maps is supposed to be great at giving you directions to your destination. Well it surely does a great job at that [apparently much better than the maps made by the half-eaten fruit company], but recently it really struggles in actually giving you the right directions.

For example: take a look at this screenshot which I captured while asking the G-boy for directions.

Point 1: i asked for WALKING directions, not even CAR directions.

Point 2: i refetched the directions SEVERAL times

Point 3: how could google show me SUCH a long 16 min route [the solid blue line] whereas i was ONLY about 40-60 seconds away from the destination by walk?

Point 4: in fact, the alternative route which google had calculated [the solid grey line] was an EVEN worse route for my given current location and destination

Conclusion: really hope that google doesn't become over-confident about their growth, so much so that it becomes heedless at delivering quality... [like some of the other companies that have risen and fallen in the past]

[UPDATE: Jon Evans on TechCrunch has recently published an appealing article titled "Dear Google, what's wrong with you?" You might wanna check that out too.]

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

treating the women as a commodity

Originally shared on facebook:
I fail to understand what the visuals of a huge BATEXPO-2013 billboard is actually trying to grab attention to. It is one thing to promote an exhibition of clothing apparels & textiles, and it is another thing to promote that with a lack of clothing. Sub-'han-Allah, using a woman's charms as a materialistic commodity to attract stakeholders to a business has become the definition of modernism today. And our so-called "modern" generation doesn't look at it as offensive to respect-for-women.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bad guys in movies

I noticed, almost every indian movie shows that the bad guys are the ones who does the most pooja paath and all. The good guys do that occasionally [meh] but the bad guys would have their own temple, would stay in their temple, would bring over pandit and do pooja paath, would give prasad among people - and also cut other people's throats once they are out of the temple and are the most feared person in the area.

Not that i am advocating any one religion over any other religion [that's a totally different topic], but this mass display of the bad guys being the most active in acts of worship has a natural effect on the general public - that religion doesn't necessarily guide anyone towards good; that its only a practice followed by our forefathers and that's why we also follow it without analyzing what exactly this religion thing is.

As a result [with this being one of the MANY other reasons], there is an increased loss of faith and belief among the growing generations year by year. And we think mass media isn't strong enough to manipulate our perceptions.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013