Saturday, August 29, 2009

Intense Learning with Lots of Fun :) :) - AIESEC International Congress 2009 Malaysia

107 countries........... together with each other.......... for 2 awesome weeks.

finally we reached the venue of the PALACE OF THE GOLDEN HORSES.
although it's just the name of the famous 5 star hotel at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysial; but it's nothing lesser than a Palace. It's so huge, that we often loose our path from our rooms to the conference halls.

The conference started with a boom - the Global Village. that was one of the most awesome experiences - we experienced the cultures and the tasted the foods of over 100 countries in an event of 4 hours. It was amazing... i will be uploading the photos soon in an album. check them out when they are available :) :)

We have met all the dynamic people from AIESEC International; we have met the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the other AIESEC Countries; we have also met so many alumni of AIESEC. We also celebrated the AIESEC Global Partnership Launches with Electrolux, ABInBev, Alcatel Lucent, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Artemisia, Standard Chartered Bank and Cadbury (where we got hundreds of free chocolates) :) :). Yet to come the Partnership Launch with DP-DHL and Microsoft in the next two days.

And about the activities that we are doing here - we have gone through
~ Leadership Development Workshops,
~ Issue based seminars,
~ skill development trainings,
~ External Relations,
~ Public Relations.
~ Branding and communications.
~ Marketing.
~ Exchange Management.
~ Human Resource Management.
~ Global IS Management.
~ Web 2.0
~ Critical thinking and creative problem solving
~ Global legislations
~ and so much more

the most happening, and for the first time ever attempted at International Congress in the past 61 years, was the Global Youth To Business Forum where there were a series of intense discussions and learning on 3 very important issues of the world today -
~ entrepreneurship development
~ eco sustainability

After one whole day's discussions and sessions on these essential topics, a forum was created among the AIESECers and the professionals from around the World which was moderated by none other than Mr Houston Spencer, Vice President, Strategy & Marketing of Alcatel Lucent in Europe North and West. check out the video below.

Click here to watch what Houston Spencer has to say about AIESEC

And you know the most interesting story at IC? IC 2009 is now taking place during the holy month of RAMADAN and lots of Muslims are present at this conference who are fasting. and by seeing this, many people from the other religions also thought of giving it a try to experience what it is like to refrain from food and drinks from Sunrise till Sunset. Nice, eh?

Stay tuned for more updates coming up later.

Syed Rakib Al Hasan

Friday, August 21, 2009

First day at IC Asia Pacific Pre-Meeting 2009

First day was such a rush........ didnt get my room keys........ didnt complete my check in........... but meetings and conference sessions are just about to start......... I left my baggage at the dining hall......... then went away for the meetings.........

day1 - i was the only delegate from AIESEC Bangladesh, representing my whole country........... man wasn't that a responsibility........... and man wasn't that fun? Hell it was.......... :D :D

We were introduced to the global plan of AIESEC International,
made new friends with AIESECers of other countries
got introduced to the chair of IC 2009
joined into the AIESEC International Sub Committee for Global Information Management
and this is just the beginning............... 10 more days to go........... AIESEC in Bangladesh will have a blast


Sunday, July 19, 2009

AIESEC Bangladesh Executive Body - 0910

The Executive Body of AIESEC Bangladesh for the term 09-10 consists of:

Zaved Iqbal Sarkar
- Vice President Finance

- former member of AIESEC in AIUB

Faisal Rahman
- Vice President OutGoing eXchange

- former VP InComing eXchange of AIESEC in IUB

Samia Mahjabeen Khan
- Vice President InComing eXchange

- former VP InComing eXchange of AIESEC in BRACU

Saira Enam
- Vice President Talent Management

- former VP Talent Management of AIESEC in AIUB

Farnaz Karim
- Vice President Communications & External Relations

- former member of AIESEC in NSU

and Syed Rakib Al Hasan
- President

- former VP Communications of AIESEC in BRACU