Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new changes brought forward from IPM 2010 Tunisia

the revision of the Global Competency Model (GCM)

AIESEC always aims towards developing 4 change agent characteristics in an AIESECer

at first we had 16 competencies in the GCM for the development of these characteristics
then we had 11 competencies in the GCM
and now, Talent Management Unit is bringing to you 5 competencies in the GCM

benefits of having fewer (but essential) competencies in the model???
simpler competency assessment
simpler competency tracking
focused control on people's behaviour attitudes and competency development

stay tuned......... the launch of the new GCM will happen very soon in this International Presidents Meeting in Tunisia.

Syed Rakib Al Hasan
AIESEC in Bangladesh

Monday, February 22, 2010

Great quotations from International Presidents Meeting 2010 in Tunisia

Great quotations from AI and MCPs at International Presidents Meeting 2010 in Tunisia

Quote 1
"Today you all have created history....... you are the presidents of your Committees and you represent the entire world of AIESEC....... and today, by starting the 2015 process, each of your name is part of the global history of AIESEC"
-------- by Aman Jain
-------- President of AIESEC International 09-10
-------- Day 3 of IPM 2010 when we the global plenary had started the AIESEC 2015 design process

Quote 2
"SHIT Happens........ and we the MCPs are always going through SHIT because it's part of the Job Description............ So why not we all try to mould the shit and make something really beautiful and charming out of it"
-------- by Mohammad Ali
-------- President of AIESEC in Bahrain 09-10
-------- Day 4 of IPM 2010 in Leadership Development Program conducted by FutureConsiderations

Sunday, February 21, 2010

from International Presidents Meeting 2010 in Tunisia

first up

go to http://www.aiesec.org/AI/ipm
or go to https://sites.google.com/a/aiesec.net/ipm2010/
also go to http://www.facebook.com/AIESECglobal.
join the facebook fanpage, follow the updates and see how many people has liked the new fan page status about PAI elect of 2010-2011.


greetings from tunisia........... i m here in tunisia right now representing AIESEC Bangladesh at the International Presidents Meeting (aka IPM 2010) in Hemmamat Tunisia. tunisia is a muslim country and they speak arabic and french here. the conference venue here is like those shooting spots of aladin, sindbab, prince of persia.......... those ancient arabic architectures...... it feels kind of royal to walk through these HUUUGGGEEE hallwayz.....


we just had the TUNISIAN night as tonight's special event......... traditional clothings, traditional dances and music, horse and camel athletics, traditional food, and most attractive of all........... hot belly dancers. i, and many others over here, had never seen belly dancers before apart from on tv. so it was great to watch these women performing this beautiful arabian dance right infront of us...... dont take me otherwise, i waznt checking them out top to bottom.


we had the election of PAI last night (i assume all the new members know by now wat the PAI stands for). and the new President of AIESEC International is HUGO PERIERA, current AIVP Organizational Strategies. He is from Portugal and he is our new President of AIESEC International.


i wanted to share with you all about a matter which we (all the delegates at IPM 2010 are all REALLY proud about. we all know that since the International Congress 2005 in India AIESEC had ben heading towards AIESEC 2010. now we are living in 2010 and AIESEC as a global organization has achieved its 2010 goals very well (except for the eXchange + LR targets though). we had AIESEC 2010 goals and today we are standing on the year 2010, wat's next? should there be upgraded targets for AIESEC globally or should there be any new sort of strategies to drive the entire organization globally?

hence, i and the entire conference stakeholders are proud to let you know that today in this very IPM 2010 in Tunisia - we the delegates have started desiging a new long term goal for the global organization - which we call the AIESEC 2015.

yes guys............. we take immense pride in saying that today, we the national presidents of AIESEC around the world (both the currents and elects), hav played a united role upon creating the new global ambition of AIESEC - the AIESEC 2015. as the current PAI Aman likes to say it, "we hav created history today" and it makes me feel really really proud of the fact that i am a part of creating this history which the next 5 generations of AIESECers will be following globally.

few days ago we used to think, back in 2005 how did AIESEC come up with a 2010 goal which they wanted to be followed by over 35,000 members in over 100 countries. today i can proudly say that i hav lived through it.

i so miss Al-Amin Anu at this point of time, your MCP elect of AIESEC Bangladesh. it would have been great if we could have been involved in the making of AIESEC 2015 together.


today also something new started - the LEAD program.
LEAD is a Leadership Development program designed for all current and elect MCPs of AIESEC in the world to help them learn and develop leadership skills among themselves. the LEAD program is a unique 18 months LEADERSHIP DEVELOPEMENT PROGRAM that has initiated today by AIESEC International in cooperation with FutureConsiderations - a leading institution of professional leadership trainers. LEAD is an abbreviation for
~ Learn
~ Engage
~ Activate
~ Deliver
we are all looking forward to take back as much as possible from this Leadership Development Program of LEAD which is not just going to help us in AIESEC but also going to help us prepare for the real world - to lead a team of human beings in office, society or thesis projects in universities.


it has been only 3 days now in this conference and we hav gone through so much already. we still hav 7 more days left to go. so you can understand how massive and exciting the contents of this conference are gonna get in the next few dez.

follow us LIVE from any part of the world through live video streaming and watch the AI team elections take place. you guys hav missed watching the PAI elections. but dont miss the AIVP elections on the day 9 of the conference.

go to http://www.aiesec.org/AI/ipm
or go to https://sites.google.com/a/aiesec.net/ipm2010/
also go to http://www.facebook.com/AIESECglobal.
join the facebook fanpage, follow the updates and see how many people has liked the new fan page status about PAI elect of 2010-2011.

hope you guys are all doing great........... AIESEC in Bangladesh is gonna roll.

Syed Rakib Al Hasan
AIESEC in Bangladesh