Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preferred IDEs for various programming languages

so............ over the last one month i had been trying out several IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) for different kinds of programming.... and here is what i figure out to be the best IDEs for the various programming languages. My judgement is based on:
  • quickness of code-completion suggestions, 
  • quick search through Docs, 
  • ease of program execution and deployment
  • ease of handling GUI (graphical user interface)
  • ease of installation of plugins or add-ons
Programming LanguagePreferred IDE
        Java        PHP
Net Beans
Adobe AIR

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  1. First of all, Adobe has there own IDE called FLexBuilder which is very good for Adobe... and Aptana is heavy loaded IDE ..makes your machine damn slow. Aptana basically based on eclipse.

    Next, for php ... Net beans is ok which u can debug but other than this Eclipse is much better. Also Php has own IDE which gives you much flexibility in terms of suggestion and debuging codes.

    Lastly, Eclipse is very good tool for J2SE,J2EE,J2ME , it has many plugins which are completely free.


  2. @Anonymous

    i would agree with FlexBuilder being ideal for Adobe..... but FlexBuilder is not free..... that's where the tradeoff is. and i couldn't post about the usability of FlexBuilder since i never purchased it in my experience. but i am sure readers would find your post helpful.... :) :)

    I used eclipse for PHP but did not really enjoy it - suddenly i had issues with code-completion and phpDoc viewers in eclipse........ i tried uninstalling and reinstalling eclipse so that the problems could be solved - but God knows how these problems were sprouting up in eclipse. hence, gave up hopes on that.

    which IDE did you say to be PHP's own IDE????? a link to the IDE would be appreciated......

    thanks for visiting the blog Anonymous