Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh, hail NEW facebook

MY biggest dislike about the new Facebook "you don't have your status on top of your profile anymore"

all these days i used twitter AND facebook to update my current status.

from: http://smobot.com/twitter-facebook-blogger-302 
i used twitter because it's best for sharing micro statuses worldwide. But i couldn't forget that my social community is much larger in facebook and makes more sense for me to have my statuses on Facebook as well which all my friends can see. But i hated having to log into TWO individual services (facebook and twitter) just for updating my same status.

Then i tried looking around for any kind of facebook app that would allow my tweets on twitter to come up automatically to my status field on Facebook - but could not find any: the closest match was the official Twitter app for facebook which simply made a post on the wall rather than showing it on top of my profile as my status.

That's the ONLY reason why i went through putting up tweets on twitter and ALSO putting up statuses on FB.