Sunday, February 27, 2011

how to get width and height dimensions of a customView (extends View) in Android

So what I was trying to do is get the following dimensions of ONE out of the TWO framelayouts that I had put on my android application.

As obvious as it is, I went to the Android Developer's website to look up the available methods for finding width and height. And it said android.view.View.getWidth() and android.view.View.getHeight() will do just the thing. But..... it did NOT do the thing that way.

I had been looking around all over the forums and sites to find the solution.... LOTs of people are asking this questions, but i couldn't find that absolute solution from any of the forums. So, once I figured out the way, I thought of putting the solution up on my blog.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Did Paris Hilton REALLY convert to Islam? Really?

i have JUST done some studies about this matter........ and this is MOST easily looking like a media hoax........ but don't fall for my statement until you have understood why exactly i am saying this.

almost every single news article around the web says that the source of this "Paris Hilton converts to Islam" story is from - meaning almost every single news article around the world reporting about this story, knows whatever is informed by Moreover, a search in about "Paris Hilton Converts to Islam" on February 8th 9pm (GMT+6) has, surprisingly, returned ONLY ONE RESULT... it's the story from - screenshot is below. Now the question is, with almost all the web news portals depending on the information provided by regarding this story - how much can you tell about this particular news portal.

search returned only this specific result

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Lady in Red

I had fallen in love with the lady in red... and today i learn that it has a whole different meaning...... i have always loved the sight of couples wearing guys in black and girls in red.... and today i learn that it has a whole different meaning..... and when i look back, they all point to real incidents which have taken place over the years - the Devil's Advocacy......... this is certainly not good

just to share with you all, here is a snippet of the Facebook conversation i have had with my friends on my status

Saturday, February 5, 2011

just fascinated with what QR codes are able to do

maybe this article is very 1950s for  you..... although the birth of QR code has been actually in 1994...... but for some of you, this can be VERY 2011.
scan this QR code using
a bar-code reader application in
your smartphone and see what
it gives you in return

  • making a video commercial for your new product and looking for ways to make it viral?
  • spreading around a web URL of a issue-based campaign which you are running in your community?
  • trying to motivate people to send a text msg to your company for your new promotional deal, without having your customers to type out a single thing?
  • making a new texture for your t-shirt which will take the mobile users to your personal blog site?
  • inviting guests to your brother's wedding ceremony without having to print out the expensively eco-unfriendly paper cards?
  • promoting a WE HAVE MOVED address location of your office/showroom without any text but of course with an interactive googleMap?
  • making a one-snap access for your coffee-shop customers to log into your wifi hotspot without having your customers to go through the hassle of device authentication?
  • driving traffic to your blog........... or facebook profile..... or twitter profile....... or youtube channel....... or any social network profile?
  • spreading out the link of a new iPhone application you have just released in the appStore?
  • or simply using your cellphone screen instead of carrying business cards, to exchange contact information with new people you have met at a business conference?
the answer is QR code.