Tuesday, September 20, 2011

High Definition is WAY over-rated

I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND why are people so overly obsessed about HD - as if HD is something new and it is truly revolutionary to have in your living room. HD has always been around - but just in different branding or among the different scope of people.

The SDs (Standard Definition - as in the non-HD) of today were referred to as HDs of 1936 and were used by the BBC...... because in those times, the SDs of our current time were far superior than the SD of their old times......... but it was just not *CALLED* a bloody HD during that time.

HD is nothing guys...... it's just another screen resolution like 640x480 , 800x600 , 1024x768 where HD fits in 1280x720 (for 720p) and 1920x1080 (for 1080p)....... and this is bound to improve further with time like it has been improving over the last decades...... there is nothing so uber-revolutionary about a HD thing.

I agree HD looks better than its predecessors......... just like 1280x800 resolution looked at least 2 times better than its predecessor 640x480 resolution when it was first released to the public..... and i am sure we all have gone through that transition since our home PCs have also transitioned through these screen resolutions since Windows 95..... but why hasn't there been SO MUCH hype about those resolution improvements like it is being a hype today with all the 1080p resolution improvements??????? That's because it was just not BRANDED or PROMOTED with a buzz term.... for example: HEICH DEE

Guess what, as of now i am typing on a monitor screen which has 1280x800 pixel resolution which is HELL BETTER than 720p HD (Official definition of 720p HD is 1280x720 pixels)...... but chicks don't come flying to me saying "Oooo...... Syed Rakib Al Hasan has a HD screen at home"...... and that's because my monitor did not come in a box which has a nice HD label like the one below. 


HD is nothing more than a mere improvement in screen-resolution. Speaking in terms of ABSOLUTE REAL technological improvement, this HD is being way too much over-rated by the consumer base than it normally would have.

Today there is this whole artificial consumer demand being produced globally about HD HD HD. The lab guys wanted a boost in sales of their YATI (Yet Another Technological Improvement). And that special boost that they want can be achieved easily if they can just make the global consumer base all paranoia about their YATI...... so what do they do? Make a nice marketing plan and give it a buzz word.......... HEICH DEE

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