Friday, October 14, 2011

We (the men) love to love you (the women)

To all the loving wives out there.

I have seen several women sharing stories about how loving Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was towards his youngest wife Hazrat Ayesha Radiallahuta'Ala'Anhu. I have seen several women sharing these stories to their husbands about how to be a loving man or a loving husband like our prophet Mohummad (PBUH). They would even gift these books of Hadiths etc where beautiful descriptions has been made about how a man and a wife can be very loving towards each other. And, most of the times, these women intend to share these stories with their husbands for the purpose of letting their man know how to be a loving husband towards their wives - something for the boys to learn from. And surely, the men of today need to learn a lot from these stories because the men of today are disgusting and unloyal.

But do the women of these days not see that sharing these stories of Muhammad's (PBUH) with their husbands will not teach these men bloods anything? Do the women of these days not see that there is a missing line somewhere for which these stories will have no impact on the men of today?

Hazrat Ayesha Radiallahuta'Ala'Anhu also loved our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) back like the way a woman should be loving towards her husband. Hazrat Ayesha Radiallahuta'Ala'Anhu never called her husband by names. Hazrat Ayesha Radiallahuta'Ala'Anhu respected her husband's perspectives - meaning if she had objections she would place her objection nicely WITHOUT disrespecting her husband's perspectives or reasoning, thus, sharing a beautiful harmony of understanding & respect between each other.

Do the women of these days not see that the love in the relationship of husband-wife comes through mutual desires to love each other? Do the women of these days not see that Muhammad (PBUH) had every reason and every willingness and every desire to love his wife the way he did? Do the women of these days not see that, by definition (in the Holy Quran), woman holds the number one position in the list of things that attract a man the most? Do the women of these days not see that a man is a man, and he also loves to love his wife?

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