Wednesday, November 14, 2012

brackets on the erupting tooth

If you have been following my blog posts on my dental makeover that has been going on for about eight months now, nearly about 4 months ago i mentioned that my hidden permanent tooth has been attached to the archwires and are now in the process of being pulled down. A noticeable progress have been made so far and the tooth almost more than a quarter portion down already.

In the post about my hidden tooth being pulled down, i mentioned some rubbery-band was put on it instead of the typical dental brackets due to lack of visible space on the hidden tooth. Well now the tooth has come down a fair amount of length for which the brackets can now be tried on.
see that little guy coming down from the upper jaw?

photo taken: 3rd July 2012

photo taken: 19th November 2012

Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blind faith? Or educated disbelief?

 I have seen people who say to live happily and peacefully we need a college degree from a good reputed university that can publish this many researches and this many books. They say having a college degree from such an intellectually sound institution will give you peace because, then, you will be able to take EDUCATED decisions.... you don't need theistic beliefs to achieve peace.... you don't need to blindly follow the rules stated by God (someone whom you have never even seen).

Do they realize that the intellect of even the ENTIRE human race (living or dead) would not be a match against Allah's wisdom? I am not saying this blindly to say that Allah is more knowledgeable than anyone or anything. I am saying this because there are FACTS to backup my belief.

There are SEVERAL extra-ordinary things which are being discovered today. But they were already declared hundreds of years ago......... by who? By someone who researched and wrote and published an intellectually curated book? Or by someone who ACTUALLY knows about EVERYTHING till the end of the world? There were no microscopes back then. There were no microchips back then. And today, we can't do a single research without any of this.

EVEN AFTER that kind of far fetched wisdom, if people STILL question Allah's wisdom (not to learn about it but to challenge his wisdom), I can only pray for Allah to guide them.


I, in no way, mean anything against education.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Using old BanglaLion Wimax modem on Ubuntu

[UPDATE: The latest BanglaLion Wimax modems which are being sold by the Wimax company right now claim to have native support for Windows, Mac and Linux. However, many people still have the old devices and those devices don't work natively with Linux - although they sometimes seem to work natively with Mac. So here it is.]

There are quite a few posts on this around the internet. But I have had a hard time following through the instructions given there. Either because they are not sequenced properly, or because the screenshots do not match, or because links are broken, or because photo captions don't say much about the photo, or because the language is really fragmented. There is one really nice post by Md. Minhazul Haque regarding this, but it is in Bangla. If anyone prefers it in English, here is your dime. So I am re-creating a post which is already available out there, but hopefully in a more structured way.

Pre-Requisites before starting out the processes

You don't need to have pre-reqs 1 & 2 if your modem is not the ZTE AX226 model (see the label on your modem to find out which model it is)
  1. a Windows operating system
    --- needed before trying to make the modem work with linux
  2. Beceem Control Panel - download
    --- runs on windows to configure the modem hardware so that it can be detected by linux
  3. a linux operating system
    --- I used ubuntu 12.04 - 32 bit
  4. modem setup file for linux
    --- download for ZTE AX226 models and WU216 models
    --- download for Acton U211 models
  5. a banglalion wimax modem
    --- I used ZTE AX226 Device

Now going step by step with the procedure:

You don't need to follow through steps 1-7 if your modem is not the ZTE AX226 model
  1. Boot up in Windows OS without having the BanglaLion modem inserted into the USB
  2. Download and install the Beceem Control Panel. Then run the Beceem Control Panel without inserting the modem.
  3. After you start the beceem control panel software, choose USB as the interface parameter.
  4. Then insert the modem... I used a ZTE AX226 model. 
  5. You should then see a Device detected notice in the control panel. If not, then click the 'Connect Device' button
  6. Now go to the DSD tab. Then from the left panel, select "Edit tools" and then select "Modify USB Autoinit data"
  7. NOW THIS IS THE SENSITIVE PART... be very careful as you might corrupt the device if not done correctly:
    1. Click on "Read from Device"... Your device info should be loaded on the screen
    2. Your current info should show Vendor ID = 19D2 and Product ID = 0172.
      These are the values needed to make the modem work on windows or on Mac. To make this modem workable with linux, we need to change these IDs. Be very careful while doing this as it may corrupt your modem if not done correctly.
    3. Insert the following into the text fields: Vendor ID = 198F and Product ID = 0220
    4. Then click on "Write to Device"
    5. Wait for a while until the writing is complete.
    6. Close the software.
    7. Unplug the device - your modem is now ready to be recognized by ubuntu
    8. REMEMBER THAT: you will have to reset the Vendor ID and Product ID back to the default values to make it work on Windows again. But be very careful while doing it as it may corrupt your modem if not done correctly.
  8. Boot up in linux while the modem is disconnected from your machine... I used Ubuntu 12.04 without having the BanglaLion modem inserted into the USB.
  9. Download the modem setup files for linux. Choose the appropriate download file based on the model of the device that you are using.
  10. Make sure you download the file into the Home folder (or in desktop) of your Ubuntu OS. Sometimes, the partition permissions can cause trouble with the installation if you install from some other partition.
  11. Right click on the downloaded file and click properties.
  12. Make sure the "Allow executing" / "Is executable" checkbox is turned on.
  13. Then close the properties box.
  14. Make sure your modem is NOT connected to your PC yet.
  15. Now double-click the installer file and click on "Run" if prompted. You should see some terminal code executing and returning a success response. 
  16. After that, open your ubuntu dash and search for "Wimax CM GUI". You should see an app launcher icon. Open the app.
  17. You should notice it that the app shows there is no connected device. 
  18. Now connect your BanglaLion Wimax modem and the status should now show that a device has been detected.
  19. Then go over to the "Account" tab and press the "Find it" button to fill in your modem's MAC address automatically.
  20. Insert the username and password that you received from your banglalionwimax provider. 
  21. Save that profile for future use.
  22. Click activate to activate the profile into the app.
  23. Then go over to the "Status" tab and click on "Connect"... wait for some time.
  24. Your BanglaLion connection should now be established and recognized as a Wired Connection by Ubuntu.

Beceem Control Panel on Windows:
Select USB and Connect Device

Beceem Control Panel on Windows:
Go to DSD tab and then select "Edit Tools" from the left Panel.
Then click "Modify USB Autoinit Data"

Beceem Control Panel on Windows:
First "Read from Device", then insert the desired IDs, then "Write to Device"
For Windows/Mac: Vendor ID = 19D2 and Product ID = 0172
For Linux: Vendor ID = 198F and Product ID = 0220

Right-Click Wimax installer on Ubuntu and go to Properties > Permissions tab
Make sure "allow executing file as program" is turned on

Double-Click Wimax installer on Ubuntu
Click Run

Wimax CM GUI on ubuntu:
Connect the device into your computer's USB port.
Go to "Account" tab and click "Find It" button to fill in your modem's MAC address.
Fill in the username password information that you received for YOUR BanglaLion connection.
Click "Save". Then click "Activate".

Wimax CM GUI on Ubuntu:
Go to status tab, Click Connect.

Citing my original sources here:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The perks of interest in our wealth

Almost all banks, movies, corporates, colleagues and friends n' family provide us with some creative ideas on how to improve our future by keeping our "idle" money in savings accounts, or as a fixed deposit, or under a deposit pension scheme etc etc. I hear commercials on the TV and radio which say return from banking interests can save us from misery. The commercials say "Ensure your child's future with our flexible deposit schemes... 10% per annum... 12% per annum... No hidden charges... Your choice". Or "Buy your dream car for interest as low as only 4%". Very impressive and very lucrative indeed. I mean, if that is all I need to do from the earliest stage of my life to secure the future of my wife, my children and my medical expenses for my old age - I would dive right in. It's my choice, right?

And then Allah says ABSOLUTELY CLEARLY in plain words:
"O you who believe! Eat not Ribâ doubled and multiplied, but fear Allâh that you may be successful"
 - Surah Aal-'Imraan - Chapter 3 - Verse 130.

So what is Ribâ.
[*1] Ribâ: Usury of two major kinds:
a) Riba An-Nasî'ah, i.e., interest on lent money;
b) Riba Al-Fadl, i.e., taking a superior thing of the same kind of goods by giving more of the same kind of goods of inferior quality, e.g., dates of superior quality for dates of inferior quality in great amounts.

Thus, banking interests (whether it's savings account, or deposit scheme or whatever) clearly falls under Riba An-Nasî'ah. And giving more mass of the 1990s gold, to get a lesser mass of the current modern gold in return (something we all tend to see during weddings where the mother exchanges her old gold to give modern gold to the bride) clearly falls under Riba Al-Fadl. Now, most of us knew about the debates of Riba An-Nasî'ah but not about Riba Al-Fadl, right?

I see my friends and my family members HEAVILY advocating the benefits of opening which account in which bank. How much return will we get by depositing a hundred thousand bucks, or even ten thousand bucks, in which bank. How many folds of return we will get out of it in 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 10 years etc from our "idle" money by doing absolutely nothing - A SECURED FUTURE SERVED AS A PIECE OF CAKE INDEED, huh? This is WRONG!

Allah also says ABSOLUTELY CLEARLY in plain words:
"Those who eat Ribâ will not stand (on the Day of Resurrection) except like the standing of a person beaten by Shaitân (Satan) leading him to insanity. That is because they say: "Trading is only like Ribâ," whereas Allâh has permitted trading and forbidden Ribâ. So, whosoever receives an warning from his Lord and stops eating Ribâ, shall not be punished for the past; his case is for Allâh (to judge); but whoever returns (to Ribâ), such are the dwellers of the Fire – they will abide therein forever."
 - Surah al-Baqarah - Chapter 2 - Verse 275

From the verse here, it's clear that eaters from Ribâ shall not be punished for their past if they let go of the sources of Ribâ and repent sincerely to Allah and promise to never go back to those affairs again. However brothers and sisters, if you are planning to enjoy from Ribâ now and to let go of Ribâ later when you have almost reached the age of retirement in the hope that Allah would forgive you then, how do you know you won't die in a road accident tomorrow while going from home to office or while coming back from office to home? Please act on your intentions right now instead of waiting for yourself to get retired. Enjoying all haraam now and planning to let go of haraam later is not entirely a sincere asking of forgiveness from Allah.

[*2] Quoting a sahih hadith from the book of Bukhari:
Narrated Abu Hurairah [radhi-yAllâhu 'anhu]: The Prophet [sal-Allâhu 'alayhi wa sallam] said, "Avoid the seven great destructive sins." The people enquired, "O Allâh's Messenger! What are they?" He said, "(1) To join others in worship along with Allâh, (2) to practise sorcery, (3) to kill a person which Allâh has forbidden except for a just cause (according to Islâmic law), (4) to eat up Ribâ, (5) to eat up an orphan's wealth, (6) to show one's back to the enemy and fleeing from the battlefield at the time of fighting, and (7) to accuse chaste women, who never even think of anything touching their chastity and are true believers."
 - [Sahih Al-Bukhâri, 4/2766 (O.P.28)].

Brothers and Sisters, Allah promises to provide for our sustenance if we live and spend according to His prescribed methods and beliefs. Gobbling upon the attractiveness of interests from banks, or business, or loan, or exchange, or whatever means for the sake of ensuring the sustenance of our future is a way which does not make Allah pleased with us. May Allah Guide us all in the right path. Earning wealth is not wrong when done the right way. But earning interest is SUPER DUPER UBER wrong.


I am not a religious scholar and neither am I pretending to be one. This is just my effort to try and make my muslim friends, family, acquaintances and others aware of the implications of the orders of Islam. May Allah guide us all in the right path. May Allah guide me in the right path. May we all be benefited from the marvelous blessings of Allah that He has bestowed upon us. May we learn to appreciate the marvelous blessings of Allah that He has already bestowed upon us and that He has kept in reserve for us InshAllah.

[*1] Footnote of verse 2:275 from the book called "Interpretation of the Meanings of the Nobel Qur'an in the English Language" - compiled by Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilall adn Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan - published by Darussalam Publishers & Distributors

[*2] Footnote of verse 3:130 from the book called "Interpretation of the Meanings of the Nobel Qur'an in the English Language" - compiled by Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilall adn Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan - published by Darussalam Publishers & Distributors

Monday, October 1, 2012

A sad news - she left

So, since the beginning of pursuing after a healthy oral lineup of my mouth, I would say she has been a great dentist Ma Sha' Allah. She has been like an elder sister to me. Been very careful about every thing she had been doing. She has always been open to explaining very nicely the various procedures that have been implemented in my treatment. And she been paying a lot of attention so that nothing is hurting me too much - so much so that every time she did the extractions of my teeth, i never even felt that something was being pulled out. Yeah, it's definitely the anesthesia, but still... didn't feel a single bit of pain Al'hamdulillah.

However, she was a dentist who had joined this clinic few years ago while she was a student back then. Now she wanted to upgrade her career by starting up a clinic of her own and, thus, she had to resign from this clinic. Well, everybody has to think about growth in their own respective careers. So, this was time for her to upgrade her own career in her own way. May Allah bless her for whatever she is trying for.

Well, my contract was with the clinic and not with her. So she moved on to her own clinic, while my case was handed over to the head dentist of this clinic who is, Ma Sha' Allah, a very highly experienced dentist in the city for many many years. He is a really good dentist too and since my childhood I always used to come to this clinic for him. So nothing to worry about my long time orthodontic surgeon departing away. But I would definitely miss her.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Violence cannot be a response to disrespect

To the Blind Violent Muslims Protestors,

You get down on the streets to protest......... Burn this burn that........ Take oath to defend the glory of Muhammad (peace be upon him) until the last drop of blood in your body....... and then vandalize property and buildings as a result of that..... all for a stupid anti-Muslim video which itself was a very IMMATURED production and which itself didn't get much acceptance from the people of its own land.

You Blind Violent Muslim protestors, do you not see that those guys have, indeed, succeeded in leading the nations of a peace-loving religion towards conducting mischief and chaos in the lands? Is this how we glorify Allah and is this how we defend the respect of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)? By conducting mischief and chaos?

You better have a strong answer to that.

A Muslim who equally condemns the anti-muslim video
and also condemns the rebelious reactions to it made by the muslims

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pulling the jaws by elastic bands

So the crowding on my lower left jaw seems to have corrected quite nicely over the Eid holidays. While the permanent tooth on my upper jaw was now held by wires and plate to facilitate its eruption progress over time.

On this follow up visit, my dentist mentioned that my jaw lines are "misaligned" and they need to be corrected while the procedures continue. Meaning my jaws were mis-aligned as something like this:
original picture taken from:
Weird, eh? So how can this be corrected? Well, what is better than bringing some teeth back to alignment with a pair elastic bands?
Yup. This is practically how the teeth are being brought back into alignment. I had to wear two elastic bands actually.

Wanna see how big is the elastic band when kept on its own?
The relaxed elastic band in comparison to the plates that i have to wear
on my upper and lower jaws
Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

This much elastic band is spanned over the length of the jaw. You can understand how much tension it puts on the jaws. It used to hurt when i used to take it off or put it on because there is a sudden HIGH PRESSURE snap of the elastic on the hooks which jerk your teeth like super crazy.

Pure mechanical stuff!

Monday, September 10, 2012

A fair progress over the Eid holidays

The crowding seemed to have lined up pretty nicely over the Eid holidays AlHamduLillah. So it definitely deserves a before - after shot on this post. Notice the correction of alignment of the tooth on my lower-left side of the mouth (your lower-right side)

Picture taken: 13th August 2012

Picture taken: 26th June 2012

That is definitely a fair improvement over a period of about one and half months, isn't it?

Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Replaced the wires before Eid

Finally Eid-Ul-Fitr was knocking on the door. So naturally there will be a vacation. Before the vacation started, I visited my dentist to ensure that progress continued over the time. It turns out, my current installation of the wires had almost worn out of their force and it was time for me get a new set of wires - this time, stronger and tighter. Well, worth the visit.

Congratulations!!! No disgusting pictures on this post; other than the pair of removable plates that were to be placed in my upper and lower jaws continuously. I got to take them off only before eating.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The dirt of our wealth

As a muslim, when I make a post about wealth in the holy month of ramadan, most of you might think it's about zakah (zakah is the obligatory payment made annually under Islamic law on certain kinds of property and used for charitable and religious purposes). Well, you are right then. Zakah is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and alh'amdulillah (all praise be to Allah) for allowing me to share some insight about this important pillar of Islam.

[Please note that zakah has no relation with the month of ramadan. Zakah is a due amount which is to be given out on a yearly basis. But most people consider the month ramadan to be the end (or start) of annual cycle. You CAN plan for zakah on any other month.]

It is obligatory on EVERY believer to know about the obligation of zakah. Specifically, upon every believer who has wealth BEYOND a minimum level. Notice the keywords in bold letters.

A condition of obligatory zakah, is to have complete ownership of the wealth on which the zakah is being calculated. This is the part which my post is about - complete ownership. Unfortunately, because of the tremendously flawed financial systems which are dominating the economies we sometimes fail to recognize what is our OWN wealth. [p.s. No offense to the people involved in financial industries, but the interest based financial systems must definitely be classified as a flawed financial system. Islamic shariah proposes financial systems which are NOT interest based and can provide better benefits for socio-economic impacts in the long run. Sadly, even many islamic banks don't always follow that entirely]

Monday, July 2, 2012

Got my bite plate for the upper jaw

I described in my previous post about my permanent tooth being erupted out with the help of archwires tied with the other teeth beside it.

I also described in an earlier post about getting bite plates on my lower jaw in order to prevent bad alignment from forming due to the tension of the wires. A similar precaution needed to be taken so that the eruption of my tooth was not affected.

As the permanent tooth was being pulled down by the wires tied with the surrounding teeth, there was every possibility that the surrounding teeth could be pulled close together by the permanent tooth, instead of the permanent tooth being pulled down by the surrounding teeth. So it was necessary to hold the other teeth in their respective positions while providing sufficient room for the permanent tooth to come down freely.

Hence, a plate was needed for the upper jaw so that it could clamp on to the other teeth and keep them in their respective positions while providing space to the hidden tooth.

upper plate was designed in such a way so that it holds the surrounding teeth in place and prevents the surrounding teeth being pulled in by the archwire. Meanwhile, provide space for the erupting tooth to come down freely without having to battle for space.
and the bite plate for my lower jaw as shared earlier in a previous post.

Here is a recap of the condition of my erupting tooth from an earlier post.
Am not sure if you can see the permanent tooth there, but it's right there - being pulled down by the archwire.

Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pulling on the hidden one - erupting the tooth

Remember the extraction of my baby tooth?

The gap on the top is the one from where the baby tooth was extracted.
There is a permanent tooth sitting inside that tooth hole which needs to be pulled down..
Now it's time, to put in the instruments which are going to pull that shy fellow down. So, after my dentist performed some clearing out of the gum around the area, she had then put on a bracket on the TINY bit of the permanent tooth that was slightly visible inside - it was quite difficult for her to get to that.

After that, a kind of a rubbery-band was placed on the permanent tooth. A bracket could not be placed on this tooth yet like the ones on the other teeth because only a VERY SMALL portion of this tooth was visible right now and the typical brackets usually require space. So a temporary rubbery-like something was attached on this tooth and it was tied by archwire to the brackets on the teeth on its sides. This would produce a tension from the brackets on the sides of the tooth and that would, eventually, pull the permanent tooth down over time.

So after the pull-down setup was done, this is how it looked.
Am not sure if you can see the permanent tooth there, but it's right there - being pulled down by the archwire.
This is gonna be a long process.

Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

The process of tooth development in which the teeth enter the mouth and become visible is called tooth eruption - wikipedia. Typically the tooth eruption of both the baby teeth and the permanent teeth has a natural schedule. But in my case, with the baby tooth having stayed for longer than normal, the eruption of the permanent tooth is now being done with artificial means.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Upper jaw wired up

So after I got my overly staying baby tooth removed from my upper jaw and then after getting the brackets for the upper jaw, it was time to wire up the teeth of the upper jaw.

After wiring up the upper braces 
After wiring up the upper braces
Before wiring up the upper braces
Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thus, i said good bye to safari

The only reason I had been using Safari along side Google Chrome was to have my work tabs signed into safari and my personal tabs signed into chrome - chrome has some GREAT extensions to make social networking and other stuff fun. 

But with multiple sign on now available in google chrome, I have now said good bye to safari. The feature has been out there in Chrome for quite a long time though. But I have finally made my move a few weeks ago. And it feels GREAT to be using both my personal tabs and my work tabs with the power of awesome Google Chrome extensions synced across ALL MY DEVICES.

[p.s. I know, I have caught the train pretty late.]

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Got my bite plate for the lower jaw

So, with the teeth of my lower jaw wired up, sometimes there is a chance that the pressure of the wire trying to correct the alignment would push the teeth backwards and form a bad alignment. What needs to be done is to also put pressure from the back side so that the the teeth are held in the desired alignment instead of forming a bad alignment.

A bite plate is a small, removable acrylic appliance that fits on the roof of the mouth behind the front teeth. It should feel secure and fit snugly - source
Bite plate behind the teeth on my lower jaw.
Notice the whitish transparent plates at the bottom and its clamps holding on to the molars beside the gaps.

Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

The clamps were needed to hold the molars in place so that the tension of the wire between the molars and the front teeth did not pull the molars forward, but instead pulled the front teeth along backward. Hence, the clamps would hold the molars in place to achieve just that InshAllah.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Got brackets on upper jaw - unwired

So, two days ago, I got my third (and hopefully the last) extraction done from my upper jaw. Now it was time to put my braces on the upper jaw. First up, only the brackets were placed on the upper jaw. They use a bonding glue to put up these brackets on the front line of teeth.

after putting upper brackets.
The lower line looks different because the arch wires on the lower jaw were replaced in the middle.
before putting upper brackets - old picture
Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

The arch wires would be pulled across the upper line on a later visit. For now, i needed to give a measurement of my lower jaw for bite plates to be made of my size.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Third one down - extractions complete - with a EUREKA

In the same sitting with my dentist when the wires were replaced, right after that I had my third extraction done from my upper jaw - Alhamdulillah.

This one was the overly stayed baby tooth who should have left a lot earlier by this age. However, praise be to Allah that this was successfully diagnosed and the extraction finally took place.
The one without the root is the baby tooth.
My dentist's assistants were pretty excited to see a deciduous tooth (a baby tooth) coming out of an over 20 years old guy's mouth. They were not aware about my case as much as my dentist was.

After the extraction, while I was still on anesthesia, my dentist did some preparations on the gum for the permanent tooth to be pulled down later. Mostly it meant, cutting and clearing out the gum around that tooth to make space - I guess some kind of an excavation sort of thing. I am not entirely sure what exactly was being done there. But this extraction position looked bigger than the previous extraction positions after the extra bits were done by my dentist.

And while she was doing those extra bits to make space, she went like "PAISI!" ('Got It!' in Bangla) when she saw the permanent tooth that was sitting deep inside.

So how would my pretty mouth be without three of those white fellas in place?
The gap on the top is the one from where the baby tooth was extracted.
There is a permanent tooth sitting  inside that tooth hole which needs to be pulled down.
The other extracted position is on the other side.

Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

To quicken up the healing process, like the previous times, I was suggested to:
  • eat soft food for the first few days to go easy on the wound 
  • eat cold ice cream to heal the wound quickly 
  • rinse my mouth with lukewarm salt water regularly from the following day to prevent any infection from developing around the wound
Wanna read about my first and second extractions?

Wires replaced - this time tighter.

So, after i trimmed down the buggy wires the previous night, today i went to my dentist and explained to her what happened. After that, she took off all the wires that were currently tied around my lower jaw and installed new set of wires - this time, they were FURTHER tightened than before.

During this visit, my dentist said that the congestion had noticeably reduced on my lower jaw since the time i put on the braces.

The first time these wires were placed, they were not as tight as they were tied this time. But they felt much more harder during the first time - perhaps because of the first time effect. This time, even though the wires were further tightened than before, they didn't feel much painful.

UPDATE: Changing the wires is a typical process over a monthly basis - not subjective to the issue i described in a previous post about the buggy wires slipping out. Got to learn this from an article on which tried to explain the procedure of changing the arch wire on a monthly basis.

The article says:
Every 4 to 6 weeks, you go to your orthodontist to get your braces "tightened" or "adjusted." Sounds awful, doesn't it? Nothing is really "tightened." It's really very simple.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Trimmed down the buggy wires - slipped off at night

Even after applying the beeswax for some time (about one week to be precise) to get my skin adapted to the metallic wires, there were SOME wire ends that were a bit TOO long and a bit TOO sharp. The adaptation of the skin by the beeswax for a week was not enough to put these long ones at ease.

So this time I went to my dentist and asked her to do something about these prickly ones. She had cut some of those tied ends to make the length of the wire knots smaller so that they are lesser aggressive to the skin.

HOWEVER, when you tie a shoe lace with JUST ENOUGH length of the lace to tie off the knots and not much extra length left, the LITTLE left of part can sometimes slip through and make the whole knot un-knotified (or is that the right word?). So that's what happened while having dinner with guests at home that very night.

Suddenly i felt a TTTTTRRRRRRIIINNNNGGGGGG in my mouth and that was BAD. The strong wire on that part of the tooth suddenly got untied and straightened out and was poking directly into my mouth. Quickly my dad handed me a pair of cutting pliers from his toolbox, and I cut out the erected wire as much as possible from its base on the bracket.

I was scared.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got my own domain name

So, today my new (and first) domain name has finally been put in place -

I was mainly intrigued by BRAC Bank E-Commerce portal where I saw that it's now possible to make online payments via local or international Visa and MasterCard to avail various e-commerce services. Online payment has not been a very convenient thing in Bangladesh until now. However, this time it was pretty sweet. Starting from buying railway tickets to airplane tickets to paying internet bills to topping up phone balance to buying cloths and apparels and books to grocery shopping to jewelries etc. it showcased a LOT of our local merchants. And among the list of many merchants, there was
The name itself was enough to tell that they would provide domain and web hosting services. All these years I have been blogging on and I have been using a screenname of syedrakib everywhere else. Hence, I thought let's give it a shot.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Posing with the beeswax

I was given the beeswax to soothe my inner skin from getting scratched by the metallic molar bands. It turns out, not only the molar bands but also the wires and/or the brackets can cause similar scratches on the inner surface. And it's very displeasing - imagine some barbed wire being stuck into your mouth.

Hence, after putting up the braces - I had to put on several small chunks of the beeswax across my jaw line to protect my inner skin from scratching against the metal. They were red in color. How would they look?
before putting the beeswax on the braces
after putting the beeswax on the braces
Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (orCommand+W on Mac)

Trust me, the beeswax were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relieving to the the skin and the lips after having experienced those scratches by the metallic wired ends and the metallic molar bands.

The dentist said it's only a matter of a few days. After using the besswax for some time, the skin would hopefully adapt itself to be more tolerant to the metal parts that are causing the scratches and irritation. Then, i can hopefully stop wearing those beeswax.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Got my braces - wired

Finally the braces have been put up on my lower jaw as part of my orthodontics treatment. We couldn't put the braces for the upper jaw as of yet since my baby tooth needs to be taken care of first on the upper jaw.

Hence, here goes the photo shoot.

After putting the braces
Before putting the braces

The brackets (or braces) were glued to the teeth first with a special kind of sticky solution. The wires were then pulled across the jaw over the brackets. Only the lower jaw has been done now. Upper jaw shall be done after the extraction of my milk tooth inshAllah.

Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Swallowed my soothing wax

Something funny happened this time. Remember the beeswax i mentioned in one of my earlier posts? I was suggested to take it off before I eat anything. Otherwise, it is so soft that I might swallow that thing along with the food bites. And this is exactly what happened today. I swallowed the beeswax with my dinner without realizing that it was there.

I consulted my dentist over the phone. She said it's okay, it would get absorbed but to be careful next time. However, this article of New York Times Health Guide says:
Beeswax poisoning occurs when someone swallows beeswax.
Beeswax is considered nonpoisonous, but it may cause a blockage in the intestines if a large amount is swallowed.
Hoping for the best inshAllah.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MacBookPro TrackPad acting crazy

Original discussion about this problem was going on in this page

So I am using the Mid-2009 MacBookPro running on OSX Lion

The Problem:

The trackpad of a macbook is like the BRILLIANT piece of the macbook and it's no fun using a macbook without the multi-touch gestures of the trackpad. But that day, suddenly, the trackpad was showing issues:
  • without me even touching the trackpad, 
    • the mouse cursor started juggling here and there
    • it kept producing click events on random stuff here and and there
  • when i was trying to operate the trackpad with my fingers, it was not being responsive accordingly
    • it was getting stuck ever other second,
    • scroll swipes were getting stuck in the middle
    • multi-touch was out of the question
  • even after pluggin in a USB mouse, the haunting behaviors on my built-in trackpad did not stop

Monday, May 7, 2012

Second down... One more to go.

So, the second tooth from my lower jaw that was required to be extracted for my orthodontics under progression has been completed. This tooth was positioned symmetrically opposite to the first extraction from the lower jaw that happened about a week earlier.

Now, this blog post won't be complete without some "cute" photo shoots after the extraction of my second tooth. So here goes:

Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

This extraction was also very easy and comfortable Alhamdulillah. My dentist has been really caring and very attentive to the whole case MashAllah. In the first extraction, the numbness of the anesthesia went off pretty easily. But in this extraction, the numbness of the anesthesia (a slight numbness) persisted for nearly 2 days.

To quicken up the healing process, like the previous time, I was suggested to:
  • eat soft food for the first few days to go easy on the wound
  • eat cold ice cream to heal the wound quickly
  • rinse my mouth with lukewarm salt water regularly from the following day to prevent any infection from developing around the wound

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Filling instead of scheduled extraction

So the first extraction in my orthodontic agenda took place about a week ago. I was scheduled to go through the second extraction this week. But my dentist denied the condition of my post-extraction effects.

As I was asked to quicken up the healing process after my first extraction, I was suggested to:
  • eat soft food for the first few days to go easy on the wound
  • eat cold ice cream to heal the wound quickly
  • rinse my mouth with lukewarm salt water regularly from the following day to prevent any infection from developing around the wound
I was not doing the last one and my dentist said "No" to extracting anything this week after seeing the infection building up around the wound. 

We rather went ahead with a pending filling that i needed on one of my tooth instead of the scheduled extraction.

Monday, April 23, 2012

One down.... Where is the tooth fairy?

So, my first tooth in this orthodontic procedure over my teeth got pulled off (a.k.a. extraction in dentist language). My dentist was really caring with this step. Alhamdulillah, I did not feel any pain at all while my dentist was performing the extraction. She was trying hard, and at one point I suddenly saw my tooth in her clippers (or whatever medical name you may call that tool). It was quite painless Alhamdulillah.

umm, those steel things at the ends are the molar bands which were setup on my last visit to the dentist

Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

However, bleeding was quite a lot. I could not feel my mouth from the bottom left side because of the anesthetics used. Several cotton rolls were kept in that side to help the blood clot quickly. 

To quicken up the healing process, like the previous time, I was suggested to:
  • eat soft food for the first few days to go easy on the wound
  • eat cold ice cream to heal the wound quickly
  • rinse my mouth with lukewarm salt water regularly from the following day to prevent any infection from developing around the wound
Now the thing is, this was just the first step. As I described in my dental makeover agendatwo more tooth need to be extracted for my overall orthodontic surgery.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The molar band has a metallic clamp - can cause infection

There was a point where the molar bands caused a slight infection on the inner skin of my right cheek. I don't know what's the medical term for the skin I am talking about; but I will refer to it as the inner skin.
The molar band is fitted on the molar tooth and it has a little clamp on its side which resides on the space between the teeth line and cheek muscles. If the molar band is not fitted properly (which the dentist tried to ensure by asking me several times if I feel anything scratchy inside), then as we talk or chew, the little clamp can slowly wear off the superficial layer of the inner skin and then start scratching the inner layer of the skin - that's when it starts hurting and that's when I realized "The molar band needs some adjustment."

However, the adjustment was pretty interesting. I was given a little chunk of wax - a beeswax. Beeswax covers sharp orthodontic braces and wires that poke into the mouth, which protects the tongue and gums from developing pain and sores. Read more here.
  • I would have to dip it in lukewarm water and make it soft. 
  • Then mould the softened warm wax on the clamp of the molar band with my fingers reaching inside. 
  • When the wax solidifies in a matter of a minute or so, my inner skin won't feel the metallic clamp but a soft waxy cushion. 
It was pretty soothing to the scar that formed inside and it was necessary for the inner skin to heal without suffering more damage.

Monday, April 16, 2012

After the separators, comes the molar bands

So I have put on the separators in the previous week. After giving it about little less than a week's time to create enough space around my molars, it was time to take the separators off (also known as spacers) and put the molar bands in place.
I had put on 6 such molar bands.
  • on 1 lower left molar
  • on 1 lower right molar
  • on 2 upper left molars
  • on 2 upper right molars
Settling the molar bands seamlessly around the molars is quite tough. My mouth always felt a little heavier and something stuck around the inner teeth. It was not very comfortable the first few days. And around these times I really appreciated the beauty, the slickness and the fine-features of God gifted teeth which we the humans have.

However, i took some shots after putting the molar bands in place.
Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)