Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's not 32.... I have 30 of them.... Whoa???!!!

As if the contents in my previous post "I still got a baby tooth" were not weird enough for someone's dental health at the age of 23. When I went to consult with my dentist on the next visit, after studying my CBCT scan reports and dental measurements, she told me that two of my canines on the upper jaw are missing.


Missing means, they were never there.
Missing means they didn't even have the foundation in my jaw lines ever.
Missing means if  ALL my teeth were to be matured (including my wisdom teeth and all), even then I would have a total of 30 teeth instead of a total of 32 teeth.

I have always had issues with my teeth since my childhood and I never took care of them very seriously. But what are these that I am hearing now? Still got a baby tooth? 2 canines missing from the foundations?


Agenda of my Dental Makeover

Following from my previous post on "I still got a baby tooth" my dentist explained to me what I need to get done. You guessed it. I have to put on braces at this age. I might get to hear a lot of " BraceFace! BraceFace!" in the coming 2-3 years.

So, my dentist explained to me she would have to pull off my overstaying baby tooth from the upper jaw. Then put on the braces which will clamp on to the permanent tooth sitting quietly inside and then pull that tooth down. That is the most time consuming part of this 3 year long agenda.

However, not just to settle the fight between my baby tooth vs. permanent tooth, i also wanted to take care of the alignment of my teeth which were altogether VERY MUCH out of alignment. And taking care of those, would also require pulling off 2 more tooth from my lower jaw. :S :S :S

The dentist said, during this process, I would need to take EXTRA care of my teeth, food remains, cavity etc. while I got the braces on. She said I might have to brush 6 times a day.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

I still got a baby tooth

"You still got a baby tooth (also known as deciduous tooth, reborner tooth, temporary tooth, primary tooth, milk tooth)" my dentist said to me on one of my checkups.

I was like "Huh?!"

"This tooth of yours on your upper jaw looks like a baby tooth which has not fallen off yet," said she.

How the hell can this be? I am twenty three. My dentist asked me to get a Dental CBCT scan done. And the report showed this

Apparently, because of this baby tooth, my permanent tooth at that spot is not able to come down due to lack of space. But the permanent tooth has matured itself inside my upper jaw line. I never felt any pain or any strain or anything of any kind on my upper jaw line ever. And today I am knowing this.

The CBCT scan (side view) also shows that my lower line of teeth doesn't really align with my upper line of teeth when I make a bared teeth smile. Basically my upper line of teeth covers up my lower line of teeth like this

My dentist suggested I should take care of these while still under 30. Otherwise, these hunched alignments (and especially the baby tooth which is the most absurd thing in my mouth) could create complications later at old age. However, if i decide to proceed with the dental makeover (a.k.a. Orthodontics), it would be a lengthy process of nearly 3 years requiring at least 2 visits per week to the dentist.

So I decided, "Let's go for it".

When i told this to my friend raphael (who is in his final year of MBBS) he suggested I should make a personal diary or archive of how my teeth takes shape in the next three years - it will be lovely to look back to later.

So I have also decided to write a blog post (with pictures if possible) after every visit to my dentist. Hoping to keep updating on my blog without loosing any motivation inshAllah. Stay tuned.