Saturday, March 31, 2012

Agenda of my Dental Makeover

Following from my previous post on "I still got a baby tooth" my dentist explained to me what I need to get done. You guessed it. I have to put on braces at this age. I might get to hear a lot of " BraceFace! BraceFace!" in the coming 2-3 years.

So, my dentist explained to me she would have to pull off my overstaying baby tooth from the upper jaw. Then put on the braces which will clamp on to the permanent tooth sitting quietly inside and then pull that tooth down. That is the most time consuming part of this 3 year long agenda.

However, not just to settle the fight between my baby tooth vs. permanent tooth, i also wanted to take care of the alignment of my teeth which were altogether VERY MUCH out of alignment. And taking care of those, would also require pulling off 2 more tooth from my lower jaw. :S :S :S

The dentist said, during this process, I would need to take EXTRA care of my teeth, food remains, cavity etc. while I got the braces on. She said I might have to brush 6 times a day.


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