Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's not 32.... I have 30 of them.... Whoa???!!!

As if the contents in my previous post "I still got a baby tooth" were not weird enough for someone's dental health at the age of 23. When I went to consult with my dentist on the next visit, after studying my CBCT scan reports and dental measurements, she told me that two of my canines on the upper jaw are missing.


Missing means, they were never there.
Missing means they didn't even have the foundation in my jaw lines ever.
Missing means if  ALL my teeth were to be matured (including my wisdom teeth and all), even then I would have a total of 30 teeth instead of a total of 32 teeth.

I have always had issues with my teeth since my childhood and I never took care of them very seriously. But what are these that I am hearing now? Still got a baby tooth? 2 canines missing from the foundations?


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