Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The molar band has a metallic clamp - can cause infection

There was a point where the molar bands caused a slight infection on the inner skin of my right cheek. I don't know what's the medical term for the skin I am talking about; but I will refer to it as the inner skin.
The molar band is fitted on the molar tooth and it has a little clamp on its side which resides on the space between the teeth line and cheek muscles. If the molar band is not fitted properly (which the dentist tried to ensure by asking me several times if I feel anything scratchy inside), then as we talk or chew, the little clamp can slowly wear off the superficial layer of the inner skin and then start scratching the inner layer of the skin - that's when it starts hurting and that's when I realized "The molar band needs some adjustment."

However, the adjustment was pretty interesting. I was given a little chunk of wax - a beeswax. Beeswax covers sharp orthodontic braces and wires that poke into the mouth, which protects the tongue and gums from developing pain and sores. Read more here.
  • I would have to dip it in lukewarm water and make it soft. 
  • Then mould the softened warm wax on the clamp of the molar band with my fingers reaching inside. 
  • When the wax solidifies in a matter of a minute or so, my inner skin won't feel the metallic clamp but a soft waxy cushion. 
It was pretty soothing to the scar that formed inside and it was necessary for the inner skin to heal without suffering more damage.

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