Monday, April 23, 2012

One down.... Where is the tooth fairy?

So, my first tooth in this orthodontic procedure over my teeth got pulled off (a.k.a. extraction in dentist language). My dentist was really caring with this step. Alhamdulillah, I did not feel any pain at all while my dentist was performing the extraction. She was trying hard, and at one point I suddenly saw my tooth in her clippers (or whatever medical name you may call that tool). It was quite painless Alhamdulillah.

umm, those steel things at the ends are the molar bands which were setup on my last visit to the dentist

Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

However, bleeding was quite a lot. I could not feel my mouth from the bottom left side because of the anesthetics used. Several cotton rolls were kept in that side to help the blood clot quickly. 

To quicken up the healing process, like the previous time, I was suggested to:
  • eat soft food for the first few days to go easy on the wound
  • eat cold ice cream to heal the wound quickly
  • rinse my mouth with lukewarm salt water regularly from the following day to prevent any infection from developing around the wound
Now the thing is, this was just the first step. As I described in my dental makeover agendatwo more tooth need to be extracted for my overall orthodontic surgery.

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