Saturday, June 23, 2012

Got my bite plate for the lower jaw

So, with the teeth of my lower jaw wired up, sometimes there is a chance that the pressure of the wire trying to correct the alignment would push the teeth backwards and form a bad alignment. What needs to be done is to also put pressure from the back side so that the the teeth are held in the desired alignment instead of forming a bad alignment.

A bite plate is a small, removable acrylic appliance that fits on the roof of the mouth behind the front teeth. It should feel secure and fit snugly - source
Bite plate behind the teeth on my lower jaw.
Notice the whitish transparent plates at the bottom and its clamps holding on to the molars beside the gaps.

Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

The clamps were needed to hold the molars in place so that the tension of the wire between the molars and the front teeth did not pull the molars forward, but instead pulled the front teeth along backward. Hence, the clamps would hold the molars in place to achieve just that InshAllah.

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