Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got my own domain name

So, today my new (and first) domain name has finally been put in place -

I was mainly intrigued by BRAC Bank E-Commerce portal where I saw that it's now possible to make online payments via local or international Visa and MasterCard to avail various e-commerce services. Online payment has not been a very convenient thing in Bangladesh until now. However, this time it was pretty sweet. Starting from buying railway tickets to airplane tickets to paying internet bills to topping up phone balance to buying cloths and apparels and books to grocery shopping to jewelries etc. it showcased a LOT of our local merchants. And among the list of many merchants, there was
The name itself was enough to tell that they would provide domain and web hosting services. All these years I have been blogging on and I have been using a screenname of syedrakib everywhere else. Hence, I thought let's give it a shot.

So I went to and it was as easy as pie alhamdulillah. At first I was a bit unsure about this online payment would be safe or not since this was the first time i was trying it. However, with a "Bismillah" I started the process and it was very easy. The fact that the actual payment credentials have to be entered in a HTTPS secured address of BRAC Bank as opposed to the merchant's web site itself was quite assuring that the payment would InshAllah be safe. I moved forward and it was quite easy alhamdulillah. Hence I got

The turn off part was that their domain name control panel was not ready for their customers yet. They said it would be ready in about the next one month. Until then, I would have to mail them what I want and they would follow up on that. I would have gotten a cPanel if I purchased a hosting from them. But for now i JUST wanted the domain name (which is not actually a hosting). So I was quite disappointed with that since I figured that out AFTER purchasing the domain name. 

However, I must say, the guys behind were tremendously helpful MashAllah. They had responded to all my queries VERY promptly and very patiently. It was not an easy job to route the new domain name to the existing blog at blogspot. There were several URL issues (with www. without www. etc.). But these guys were very helpful and after two days of continuous email shooting from both the sides with various trouble shooting materials that we found over the internet, the routing was FINALLY in place. Thanks guys.

So from now on, it's inshAllah ;-)


  1. Well done! congratulations on getting a domain on your name! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this helpful info :D