Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Posing with the beeswax

I was given the beeswax to soothe my inner skin from getting scratched by the metallic molar bands. It turns out, not only the molar bands but also the wires and/or the brackets can cause similar scratches on the inner surface. And it's very displeasing - imagine some barbed wire being stuck into your mouth.

Hence, after putting up the braces - I had to put on several small chunks of the beeswax across my jaw line to protect my inner skin from scratching against the metal. They were red in color. How would they look?
before putting the beeswax on the braces
after putting the beeswax on the braces
Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (orCommand+W on Mac)

Trust me, the beeswax were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relieving to the the skin and the lips after having experienced those scratches by the metallic wired ends and the metallic molar bands.

The dentist said it's only a matter of a few days. After using the besswax for some time, the skin would hopefully adapt itself to be more tolerant to the metal parts that are causing the scratches and irritation. Then, i can hopefully stop wearing those beeswax.

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