Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Third one down - extractions complete - with a EUREKA

In the same sitting with my dentist when the wires were replaced, right after that I had my third extraction done from my upper jaw - Alhamdulillah.

This one was the overly stayed baby tooth who should have left a lot earlier by this age. However, praise be to Allah that this was successfully diagnosed and the extraction finally took place.
The one without the root is the baby tooth.
My dentist's assistants were pretty excited to see a deciduous tooth (a baby tooth) coming out of an over 20 years old guy's mouth. They were not aware about my case as much as my dentist was.

After the extraction, while I was still on anesthesia, my dentist did some preparations on the gum for the permanent tooth to be pulled down later. Mostly it meant, cutting and clearing out the gum around that tooth to make space - I guess some kind of an excavation sort of thing. I am not entirely sure what exactly was being done there. But this extraction position looked bigger than the previous extraction positions after the extra bits were done by my dentist.

And while she was doing those extra bits to make space, she went like "PAISI!" ('Got It!' in Bangla) when she saw the permanent tooth that was sitting deep inside.

So how would my pretty mouth be without three of those white fellas in place?
The gap on the top is the one from where the baby tooth was extracted.
There is a permanent tooth sitting  inside that tooth hole which needs to be pulled down.
The other extracted position is on the other side.

Disclaimer: If anyone is disgusted by these pictures, please press Ctrl+W (or Command+W on Mac)

To quicken up the healing process, like the previous times, I was suggested to:
  • eat soft food for the first few days to go easy on the wound 
  • eat cold ice cream to heal the wound quickly 
  • rinse my mouth with lukewarm salt water regularly from the following day to prevent any infection from developing around the wound
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