Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thus, i said good bye to safari

The only reason I had been using Safari along side Google Chrome was to have my work tabs signed into safari and my personal tabs signed into chrome - chrome has some GREAT extensions to make social networking and other stuff fun. 

But with multiple sign on now available in google chrome, I have now said good bye to safari. The feature has been out there in Chrome for quite a long time though. But I have finally made my move a few weeks ago. And it feels GREAT to be using both my personal tabs and my work tabs with the power of awesome Google Chrome extensions synced across ALL MY DEVICES.

[p.s. I know, I have caught the train pretty late.]


  1. You can get a Chromebook for ChromeOS.
    However, i like to believe that the Chrome Browser itself is a ChromeOS. It's literally quite the same - every website is an application.