Monday, June 18, 2012

Trimmed down the buggy wires - slipped off at night

Even after applying the beeswax for some time (about one week to be precise) to get my skin adapted to the metallic wires, there were SOME wire ends that were a bit TOO long and a bit TOO sharp. The adaptation of the skin by the beeswax for a week was not enough to put these long ones at ease.

So this time I went to my dentist and asked her to do something about these prickly ones. She had cut some of those tied ends to make the length of the wire knots smaller so that they are lesser aggressive to the skin.

HOWEVER, when you tie a shoe lace with JUST ENOUGH length of the lace to tie off the knots and not much extra length left, the LITTLE left of part can sometimes slip through and make the whole knot un-knotified (or is that the right word?). So that's what happened while having dinner with guests at home that very night.

Suddenly i felt a TTTTTRRRRRRIIINNNNGGGGGG in my mouth and that was BAD. The strong wire on that part of the tooth suddenly got untied and straightened out and was poking directly into my mouth. Quickly my dad handed me a pair of cutting pliers from his toolbox, and I cut out the erected wire as much as possible from its base on the bracket.

I was scared.

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