Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wires replaced - this time tighter.

So, after i trimmed down the buggy wires the previous night, today i went to my dentist and explained to her what happened. After that, she took off all the wires that were currently tied around my lower jaw and installed new set of wires - this time, they were FURTHER tightened than before.

During this visit, my dentist said that the congestion had noticeably reduced on my lower jaw since the time i put on the braces.

The first time these wires were placed, they were not as tight as they were tied this time. But they felt much more harder during the first time - perhaps because of the first time effect. This time, even though the wires were further tightened than before, they didn't feel much painful.

UPDATE: Changing the wires is a typical process over a monthly basis - not subjective to the issue i described in a previous post about the buggy wires slipping out. Got to learn this from an article on archwired.com which tried to explain the procedure of changing the arch wire on a monthly basis.

The article says:
Every 4 to 6 weeks, you go to your orthodontist to get your braces "tightened" or "adjusted." Sounds awful, doesn't it? Nothing is really "tightened." It's really very simple.

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