Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Violence cannot be a response to disrespect

To the Blind Violent Muslims Protestors,

You get down on the streets to protest......... Burn this burn that........ Take oath to defend the glory of Muhammad (peace be upon him) until the last drop of blood in your body....... and then vandalize property and buildings as a result of that..... all for a stupid anti-Muslim video which itself was a very IMMATURED production and which itself didn't get much acceptance from the people of its own land.

You Blind Violent Muslim protestors, do you not see that those guys have, indeed, succeeded in leading the nations of a peace-loving religion towards conducting mischief and chaos in the lands? Is this how we glorify Allah and is this how we defend the respect of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)? By conducting mischief and chaos?

You better have a strong answer to that.

A Muslim who equally condemns the anti-muslim video
and also condemns the rebelious reactions to it made by the muslims

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