Monday, October 1, 2012

A sad news - she left

So, since the beginning of pursuing after a healthy oral lineup of my mouth, I would say she has been a great dentist Ma Sha' Allah. She has been like an elder sister to me. Been very careful about every thing she had been doing. She has always been open to explaining very nicely the various procedures that have been implemented in my treatment. And she been paying a lot of attention so that nothing is hurting me too much - so much so that every time she did the extractions of my teeth, i never even felt that something was being pulled out. Yeah, it's definitely the anesthesia, but still... didn't feel a single bit of pain Al'hamdulillah.

However, she was a dentist who had joined this clinic few years ago while she was a student back then. Now she wanted to upgrade her career by starting up a clinic of her own and, thus, she had to resign from this clinic. Well, everybody has to think about growth in their own respective careers. So, this was time for her to upgrade her own career in her own way. May Allah bless her for whatever she is trying for.

Well, my contract was with the clinic and not with her. So she moved on to her own clinic, while my case was handed over to the head dentist of this clinic who is, Ma Sha' Allah, a very highly experienced dentist in the city for many many years. He is a really good dentist too and since my childhood I always used to come to this clinic for him. So nothing to worry about my long time orthodontic surgeon departing away. But I would definitely miss her.

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