Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blind faith? Or educated disbelief?

 I have seen people who say to live happily and peacefully we need a college degree from a good reputed university that can publish this many researches and this many books. They say having a college degree from such an intellectually sound institution will give you peace because, then, you will be able to take EDUCATED decisions.... you don't need theistic beliefs to achieve peace.... you don't need to blindly follow the rules stated by God (someone whom you have never even seen).

Do they realize that the intellect of even the ENTIRE human race (living or dead) would not be a match against Allah's wisdom? I am not saying this blindly to say that Allah is more knowledgeable than anyone or anything. I am saying this because there are FACTS to backup my belief.

There are SEVERAL extra-ordinary things which are being discovered today. But they were already declared hundreds of years ago......... by who? By someone who researched and wrote and published an intellectually curated book? Or by someone who ACTUALLY knows about EVERYTHING till the end of the world? There were no microscopes back then. There were no microchips back then. And today, we can't do a single research without any of this.

EVEN AFTER that kind of far fetched wisdom, if people STILL question Allah's wisdom (not to learn about it but to challenge his wisdom), I can only pray for Allah to guide them.


I, in no way, mean anything against education.

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