Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bad guys in movies

I noticed, almost every indian movie shows that the bad guys are the ones who does the most pooja paath and all. The good guys do that occasionally [meh] but the bad guys would have their own temple, would stay in their temple, would bring over pandit and do pooja paath, would give prasad among people - and also cut other people's throats once they are out of the temple and are the most feared person in the area.

Not that i am advocating any one religion over any other religion [that's a totally different topic], but this mass display of the bad guys being the most active in acts of worship has a natural effect on the general public - that religion doesn't necessarily guide anyone towards good; that its only a practice followed by our forefathers and that's why we also follow it without analyzing what exactly this religion thing is.

As a result [with this being one of the MANY other reasons], there is an increased loss of faith and belief among the growing generations year by year. And we think mass media isn't strong enough to manipulate our perceptions.

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