Thursday, January 12, 2017

Epic Marketing - HD Style

How to #market an ever existing thing and turn people's perceptions about it into a super duper uber revolutionary hype that people will go all GAGA about it and they will race for it for the rest of their life?

#HD (#HighDefinition) is such a clever way to create a hype out of the number of pixels on a display screen which was always there and was always ever increasing since the first of its days with every passing year anyways.

Remember 320 pixels during the times of Windows 95?
Remember 640 pixels during the times of Windows 98?
Remember 728 pixels during the times of Windows 2000?
Remember 1024 pixels during the times of Windows XP?

Everybody used them. Most of us configured them ourselves from that little "Screen Resolution" tab after right-clicking on the desktop wallpaper and choosing "Properties". We have all done that. We have all gone through those revolutionary progressions of PPI (the number of Pixels Per Inch) that can be packed into the same 15 inch monitor screen every passing year..

But there was no public excitement about it. It never struck the G-Spot of the human brain which makes you wanna go for it and makes you wanna race for it and makes you wanna have more of it. None of that was there. Until the marketing guys came up with a fine dandy fancy new term called HD = HighDefinition.

Yeah. Now those 1080 pixels are suddenly starting to sound so new and so fresh and so exciting and so unworldly and so sci-fi and what not. I mean, was there any way you could've possibly gotten 1080p after you already had 1024p after having come all the way from 320p in the previous years? Nope. You could've never had it. But HD brought it. Yeah. Life was never as awesome before.

People were so proud to tell friends and families that they got HD - that they jumped (1080-1024=74) 74 pixels of holy grail in their life. But was never as excited to tell their friends and family about jumping (640-320=320) 320 pixels during a much older history. Can't blame them. What could they have possible said? Being all proud and excited to call friends and family and say "You know what? We got a 640!" That just sounds so off. "HD" sounds so much cleaner and easier to get the message of excitement across. Yeah. HD!

And that just started it. The home electronics consumer market was never as excited about the number of pixels in their screen before. Now they are. Because of a nice new terminology that got introduced and got marketed so well.

HD is so old school now. Now there is UHD (UltraHD). Get ready for SHD (SuperHD), XHD (ExtremeHD), HHD/2HD (HyperHD), WhatNotHD. So many newer terms can be coined up for the ever growing number of pixels on your screens.

And once they run out of marketing terms with HD, they will invent a new term. I don't know. Maybe. CEV (for Crystal Eye Vision). HD sucks now. CEV is the new in-thing now. You will have UCEV, SCEV, XCEV, WhatNotCEV. And the race will keep going wilder & wilder. It's all about the term and the buzz.

That's "EPIC" marketing. Nothing revolutionary. The number of these pixels would have increased anyways like they have always increased since the beginning. But that element of excitement over a fanciable term was missing and that's what has sold the displays much faster.

By the way, I am not telling you to stop buying HD products now - today you can't find any TV in the market below HD anyways. But try not to get carried away with unnecessary marketing hypes. Corporates & companies feed on our consumerism attitude to make their own money while we are thinking it is something exceptionally great. In fact, it is not actually so great. They just know the exact cords to pull to make us wanna pay for their, well, "TYPICALLY" advancing products.

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