Monday, January 9, 2017

Riding safely with Uber in Dhaka

I am a big fan of Uber and it's business model. It's a really useful service for cities like Dhaka where most individuals don't have cars of their own but occasionally have the need to commute by a car - yet affordably.

However, please be aware of the possible risks involved. Recently there were several rape and hijacking/robbery incidents carried out by Uber drivers across India and several countries in Europe. Google for "Uber incidents" - you will find many results. Particularly check out this website.

With every great revolutionary service, we have to take sufficient precautions to avoid its potential risks. For example, i can share what i do when i take an Uber ride.

  1. I usually avail Uber only when i am in a group - for example traveling with the family somewhere. Being alone has some obvious risks.
  2. Whenever i avail Uber, i make sure i share my Ride info with 2-3 other friends or relatives. It's very easy to share your live real-time point of location along with the driver's full name, driver's photo, car brand, car registration number etc from the Uber mobile app.
  3. I also make sure that i call up my friends and relatives from the car and i pronounce it loudly & clearly on the phone (making sure that the driver hears it) that I have shared this live info with them and they can keep a track of the car if they want. This keeps the driver aware that his and his car's info have already been shared and are currently being watched by others.

If you have more safety tips you can share them in the comments section. I would love to hear them from you and could include them into this article as an update. May Allah protect us all from the fitnah that are involved.

However, with proper precautions and with the business model that Uber brings on, i think it is a fantastic service altogether and i can only pray for it to improve & get better over the years.

Ride safe. Stay safe.

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