Friday, May 31, 2019

Google Maps current location is weird after moving office

See where my "Work" place is showing. And see where my phone's current location is showing.

Our office has moved this week. I am sitting at my desk in our new office location now. But Google Maps in my phone shows that my current location is still at my old office location.

However, when I restart my phone with WiFi turned off and with only 3G data enabled, then Google Maps shows my current location correctly in the new location.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

TM Unifi - Speed Promises Failed

Here is the speed that I have subscribed with TM Unifi that I am paying for - 500 Mbps

Here is the result of SpeedTests via TM Unifi official SpeedTest links:

Here is the result of SpeedTests via Ookla SpeedTest:


Speed commitment by TM Unifi is 500 Mbps
Real download speed ~ 36 Mbps - only ~7% of commitment - just 7% ??????
Real upload speed ~ 100 Mbps - only 20% of commitment

All SpeedTests were conducted during the afternoon of 12th May 2019 Sunday

Connected to 5GHz TP-Link Wifi-Router provided by TM Unifi - only a meter away